Themed Rooms in the schmiede7

Slow down and relax.
In a distinctive Ambience.

Enjoy an exquisite meal and drinks in the evening – and treat yourself to an overnight stay at the Gams Hotel. Make yourself at home in our “schmiede7” Guest House for one night or several days. We offer you 7 beautifully appointed first floor and second floor bedrooms with all amenities. Each of the rooms, furnished with much attention to detail, recounts its own story.

A special tip: take advantage of our family apartment. The Harmony Room can be combined with the snug Berth to form a self-contained family apartment. The two rooms are adjacent to each other, being only separated by a lockable private hallway.


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Choose your personal favourite...

  • Beilngrieszimmer


Let the design, inspired by our beloved homeland, enchant you.

The Beilngries Double Room pays homage to the natural scenery of the Altmühltal Valley and its eventful history. Fossils, which can still be found in the quarries in the local area between Beilngries and Eichstätt, bear witness to the rich wildlife in the Jurassic Ocean some 200 million years ago.

The town of Beilngries has always been a privileged stopover point for travellers and merchants, who have come from far and travelled along the land trade routes or on the ancient “Danube-Maine” Canal. Some pieces of furniture recall the way people travelled in former times.

  • Waldzimmer


Escape from the urban hustle and bustle.

Come and enjoy the natural scenery to your heart’s content. Set off on a walk or a bicycle ride along the river. Or take a leisurely stroll across the exuberant mixed woodlands in the Altmühltal Nature Park.

Back to the Wood Double Room, the design will pleasantly remind you of the beautiful experiences made during your day out. In this room, you may feel as if you had set up a comfortable camp amid an idyllic glade. Surrounded by majestic birch trees, protecting you from wind and weather.


  • Lausbubenstube


Somehow, we have all preserved, deeply inside, something of a little rascal.

We fondly look back to funny pranks we played together with friends. To our favourite toys. To castles, Indian tents and treehouses ingeniously built with fruit crates, barrels, cloths and planks.

A stay in the Rascal Room is like a journey back to happy and carefree childhood days, when a large box could be used at the same time as a bus, airplane or robber’s cave. As in childhood, we have let our exuberant imagination run free in designing our Rascal Room.


  • Nähzimmer


Cheerful. Colourful. Down-to-earth. This is what characterises the design of the Sewing Room.

We have created a lovely, fanciful refuge for you with needle, yarn and lots of buttons and much fun.

The Sewing Room provides some nostalgic glimpses recalling the time when grandma skilfully and artfully created a lovely craft from a piece of tissue and some buttons. In this room everything is handcrafted. It is all about liveliness and creativity. The decoration is characterised by bright colours. To make you feel perfectly comfortable. The Sewing Room enchants everybody, not only needlework lovers.

  • Koje


Cast off and get away from it all. The “Berth” is the perfect retreat to relax and replenish your energy.

If you choose to stay at the schmiede7 Guest House with your family, your children will feel perfectly comfortable in the “Berth”. The smallest room of the schmiede7 is a real gem. Being appointed like a cabin of an ocean steamer, it offers everything you would expect for relaxing stay. The mighty portholes on the wall will make you feel as if you were cruising on the vast expanse of the ocean.

The loggia provides additional outdoor living space to enjoy undisturbed the restful atmosphere. Veer off towards more peaceful waters. The Berth is ready for you.

  • Harmoniezimmer


Settle down after an eventful day.

When staying in the Harmony Double Room, you can quickly leave behind the stress of everyday life. Take time out and indulge yourself. Get away from it all. Light and soft pastel shades determine the character of the room and will make you look on the bright side.

Candles, cushions and romantic lighting convey somehow the ambience of “Arabian Nights”. Pamper yourself. Look after yourself. Indulge yourself with moments of harmony. Replenish your energy to tackle vigorously the everyday challenges. The Harmony Room is the ideal place to clear one’s mind. And to rediscover what is really important in life.


  • Bücherzimmer


A tranquil ambience for undisturbed reading

Various literature, from Ilse Aichinger to Stefan Zweig – The Reading Room in the schmiede7 Guest House has been designed for literature lovers. Equipped with a wingback chair and reading lamp for undisturbed pleasure of reading.

In the Reading Room it is all about good literature. The walls are ornamented with typographic works, literary masterpieces, book covers and characters. Everywhere there is something to discover for book lovers. “The editions of classic works are furniture rather than literature”, said once the French humourist and film maker, Jacques Tati. In the Reading Room, both weighty tomes and small poetry books are part of the decoration. All this creates an atmosphere that irresistibly entices to read.

You can choose from 7 themed rooms in our schmiede7

The seven distinctively appointed rooms belong to the Deluxe Double Room category.

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