Lovely rooms in the ancient smithy.

The elderly inhabitants of Beilngries still remember the times, when, in the smithy, the heavy bellow fanned the fire in the hearth swirling a cloud of sparks, when the blacksmith forged the glowing metal with powerful hammer hits on the anvil into the desired shape. Today, the lovingly and lavishly converted building is again used to forge precious things. Close friendships. Happy marriages. Harmonious partnerships. Successful business relationships. Small and big projects.

In the “schmiede7” Annexe it is now not so much about hard work, but rather zest for life and pleasure. Shared enjoyment and everything that brings people together. The former smithy combines in a unique way conviviality and the opportunity to withdraw to privacy to replenish one’s energy in silence. The renovated building draws its name from its original use and the number of bedrooms it houses.

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