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Alt mühl tal.

Altmühltal Hotel Gams Beilngries
Altmühltal Hotel Gams Beilngries
Beilngries Hotel Gams Beilngries
Summer Winter

The Altmühltal

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There are many things to do and to see

If you are interested in culture, follow in the footsteps of the ancient Romans. Discover precious fossils at the limestone quarries, dating back to the Jurassic period. Explore grottos and castles. If you fancy physical activity, take a walk past precipitous rock formations, across heathlands dotted with juniper trees and along lovely valleys. If you are a peace-seeker, enjoy the tranquil setting. Relax on the beach of a bathing lake. Simply indulge yourself. Millions of years ago the local area was covered by the Jurassic ocean. Today the “Altmühltal” Valley is a sought-after holiday destination and recreation area. A paradise for walks and mountain bike tours. And a countryside of an unrivalled beauty.

Beilngries by night Hotel Die Gams Beilngries


Autumn in the Altmuehltal.
The leaves are falling from the trees. It is getting colder. Windier. The sun hides more often behind the clouds. Nevertheless, autumn is a magical period to visit the Altmühltal. To explore the local area during a walk. To push one’s limits at a high ropes course. To mount the bicycle for the last time before hibernating, pedalling on the trails of the extensive network of cycle routes in the Altmühltal.

Winter in the Altmuehltal.
Winter Magic in the Nature Park.
Frozen lakes. Intriguing animal traces in the snow. Heathlands dotted with juniper trees covered with hoar frost. When it is getting cold outside and the first snowflakes are swirling down, the surrounding countryside becomes a real winter wonderland. An enchanting snow-white scenery awaits you then in the Altmühltal for romantic winter walks. Discover the wayside beauties step by step at a leisurely pace. The Nature Park offers plenty of opportunities for enjoyable leisure activities and outdoor pursuits. It provides best conditions for cross-country skiing, sledging and ice skating. However, the local area not only suits winter sports enthusiasts. If you are seeking quiet and peace, you will not be disappointed.

Welcome to the Winter Wonderland in the Altmuehltal.

To autumn and winter


Spring in the Altmühltal.
In spring the days are getting longer. The snow is melting. The sun shines more often. The trees are getting green and the plants are starting to come into flower. It is time to dig out the walking boots. To pick the golf clubs from the cellar. To oil the bicycles. It is time for physical activity and sports. Without having to wear heavy waterproof clothing.

Summer in the Altmühltal.
Get to know an extraordinary Nature Park.
The Altmühltal is an ideal place to enjoy a stay in summer. Whether it is for a few days, several weeks or a short getaway to escape from the urban hustle and bustle. In the local area you will surely find what you are looking for. Numerous bathing lakes, walking routes and cycle trails await you. And if you fancy something quite special, you can visit the open air Dinosaur Museum, enjoy a ride on the summer toboggan run or join in on a walk with huskies at night through the Altmühltal. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Gams Hotel.

To spring and summer
Sunrise Hotel Gams Beilngries
Altmühltal Hotel Gams Beilngries

Immerse yourself in nature. Enjoy activity. Get away from it all.

Conviviality and intimacy. With the family or friends. Looking for a retreat. Longing for nature. Yearning for walks and physical activity. Just for pleasure and fun. A short break or a longer stay. Breathe the nature. Again and again. In the very heart of Bavaria. Not far from the cities of Munich, Ingolstadt and Regensburg. Surrounded by meadows and woodlands as far as the eye can see. In one of the largest nature parks in Germany.


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